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Who Is She?

Her Motivation
When you first get a glimpse of what a single day in the life of Kimiko Thomas entails, you begin to wonder if she somehow has more than 24 hours in her day. Your first encounter with this admirable Life Coach is guaranteed to be a whirlwind of passion, excitement and motivation bundled up into an amazing woman, paving the way for the limitless success of everyone she comes into contact with.
Her Impact
With a contagious energy and an impressive roster of motivational successes, Kimiko has taken empowerment to an entirely new level by helping others turn obstacles into opportunities.

A living example of success, Kimiko has served her country for over 20 years and counting. She is the visionary and voice of A.Y.A. (As You Are) Girls summer camp in Opelousas, Louisiana that has mentored approximately 900 girls ages 5-18 over the last seven years. Their vision statement is “If you dare to dream, you can achieve.”

Her Method

With the use of straight-to-the-point, candid stories and highly-charged anecdotes, she inspires people to find their inner ‘Dream Driver’. Regardless of the goal, Kimiko focuses her unwavering dedication to empower women to freely and smartly chase their greatest desires with confidence and knowledge.

Her Background
Her educational successes are equally impressive having earned a Master of Business Administration from The College of William & Mary in Virginia, as well as a Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University. She also received her Certificate of Ordination in The Gospel Ministry. She continues to pursue additional educational opportunities in the United States Army. She is a certified Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and Master Resilience Trainer.

Kimiko is a native of Opelousas, Louisiana. Her love, passion and commitment to excellence was defined and cultivated by wanting more as she walked Grolee Street as a little girl. It was then fueled by pursuit of success and accomplishments in the United States Army. The woman you see today is still a “work in progress” to unlimited unlocked doors, dreams and realities.

Providing guidance and support since 2012

Each of my clients get my personal attention. I spend time to understand their needs and apply my training and experience to aid them in finding their way.

Life Coach

One-on-One counseling focused on your personal well-being.

Motivational Speaking

Addressing a group with encouraging words from my vast life experience.


Bible inspired teaching and revelation for believers in time of need.

A growing list of happy clients  

Here is a little about my coaching history

Year Combat Veteran

Certifications obtained

Positive Reviews

Strength is often identified at one’s broken place.

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.

Many Satisfied Clients

“Kimiko is so good at pinpointing the area of pain. She really helped me achieve a breakthrough.”

Janet Renolds

“I’m so glad I was referred to Kimiko. She gives tough-love but it was just what I needed.”

Sara Blankenship