Our Vision

To empower girls to reach their goals and avoid idleness. To see themselves victorious, and do everything in their power to believe that they can become who they were created to be.

Our Goal

To inspire and encourage girls to live the life they were meant to live.

Our Focus

To help girls of every nation, country, state and city.

What We Do

We provide programs, events and resources that enhance the mind, spirit and body; supporting girls to build life skills, spirituality, character, confidence, health and fitness along with motivation through social, educational and professional development.


Our Mission

Defining the core existing of one's being

Embracing who you are

Striving to be the best that you are capable of being

Speaking the truth in love

Serving others with love and patience

Working in honor and integrity


A.Y.A. (As You Are)

Theophany Hadavar Foundation launched its 1st A.Y.A. (As You Are) Girls Empowerment Summer Camp in 2014 with BFF (Be a Friend First)—A Bully-Prevention Experience Based on the Girl Scouts Leadership Curriculum

Originated in Opelousas, Louisiana with approximately 80 girls ranging from 5 years old to 18 years old.

Through the years and counting, we have had an opportunity to touch approximately 125 girls on an annual basis through the following: performance art performed with a variety of comedians and Grammy winning gospel artists, runway events with Miss Kansas USA, local community partnerships and team building exercises. Even through the recent pandemic, we continue to teach, train and empower our youth on virtual platforms. Our 2020 special guest was the former WNBA Player Andrea Garner who also is the founder of Inspiring Minds Philadelphia.

About Us

Theophany Hadavar (THF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth development organization aimed at empowering girls in Louisiana to visualize their bright futures and potential through discovery, development, innovation, and social change in their communities.



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